Wolf stops Mulheron in European title fight shock

James Mulheron Goes in Hard on Ruben Wolf

Second ranked German Heavyweight Ruben Wolf scored a huge victory over European Heavyweight Champion James Mulheron with a third round TKO.

Mulheron came into the contest with an unblemished 7-0-0 record and was heavily expected to move into the top british rank with a win over the 9-6-0 German fighter tonight.

Having seen mentor Phil De Fries be knocked out by local fighter Thomas Denham earlier on in the night, Mulheron didn’t seem to have let that shock result bother him as he oozed confidence walking towards the cage.

Wolf looked stone faced with his trademark twirled beard hanging as the fighters were announced. A stark contrast to ‘The Juggernaut’ who’s reaction nearly tore the roof off the Rainton Meadows Arena.

Both fighters looked hesitant early on, surely paying respect to each other’s well renowned striking ability.

As the first round went on Mulheron looked to ease into the fight, catching a Wolf kick before driving him back first into the fence to give him an early advantage on the scorecards.

Wolf’s striking was causing a problem though as he seemingly found a home for his right body kick and left handed body shot.

Mulheron then seemed to rock the big German with a sharp right hand, maybe demonstrating that extra power he claims to have gained from a 8lb weight gain in training camp.

A very close first round but Mulheron looked to have stolen it with the right hand.

Mulheron’s striking looked to have significantly improved from his last fight with Dayman Lake, showing great dirty boxing from close range which seemed to stun Wolf.

Half way through the second round, Mulheron scored a huge takedown. Picking up and slamming the German fighter who didn’t look like he could cope with the constant pressure of ‘The Juggernaut’.

A huge second round for Mulheron as he looked to keep his European crown.

Then for the moment that shocked the whole arena. A huge German bomb. Mulheron was looking comfortable, throwing spinning techniques as he looked to seize control.

Then as the Juggernaut threw a kick, he appeared to break his leg as Wolf checked the shot. Mulheron fell to the floor and Wolf capitalised finishing the former champ with a barrage of punches.

A massive TKO victory for Wolf who now moves to 10-6-0 and won’t be far away from a UFC call-up.