Webster Ready for step-up in competition at M4TC 21

21-Year-Old Tom Webster says he is ‘more than ready’ to take the next step in his career when he faces the highly ranked Joe Miwlward this month. Webster is tipped by many to become the next great Spartan Gym prospect but will have to get through his toughest challenge yet at Made4TheCage 21: Supremacy.

Speaking of his next opponent Webster said: “He’s a tough lad, the toughest I’ve faced yet, no doubt about that but at the end of the day the result will be the same. My hand raised.”

Millward is ranked in the top 10 amateurs in the UK for the two fighters’ weight class, with Webster looming anxiously just outside of the top ten but for ‘Captain America’ meaning he’d be destined for a top 10 if not top five spot going into the summer.

With the move to the professional ranks looming, Webster will be looking to coach Warren Oliver to help him make the right decisions: “I’m aiming to have between 7-10 semi-pro fights in total before hopefully going pro, which I also hope is achievable in the next year.

“I’ll do what Woz wants in regards to my career, he’s been around this game for a long-time and in my opinion he’s the best in the country when it comes to both coaching and looking after fighters.

“I learn so much even watching everyone in there sparring, especially from Thirkell, from footwork to various little details that don’t seem like much but can make all the difference.”

Spartans’ is one of the highest ranked gyms in the country, capturing the Great Annual Savings North-East Gym of the Year in the process, and Webster is one of the biggest prospects to come from their ‘next generation’ of fighters, alongside Conner Palmer.

The two are definitely one’s to watch in the future and Webster doesn’t see a limit to his potential: “If I can get the right fights under my belt, from there on, I can’t see a limit to what I will be able to do…that’s the trick isn’t it? Why should I have limits? I’m not really focusing on an end game, I go by the idea that if you focus on training, listening, drills, then the progression through the ranks comes with it. ”

Standing tickets for the fight are sold out but some tables are still available. To purchase tickets, please call Dale Percival at 07972612384 or Steven Scott at 07843 932067 for details.