Up Close with Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Hi Paul, thanks very much for taking the time out to answer some of our and your fans questions. We've kept them nice and simple so hopefully you can get through them quickly for us.

So, lets get going!

M4TC: The first questions comes from Steven Gamper on Twitter. He would like to know why you got into MMA, and how long it has taken you, to get to where you are today.
Paul Semtex Daley: I’ve always loved martial arts, i’d say from around 7 years old. Then i came across the UFC when i was around 17 years old, and decided to try MMA from then, i started training for MMA, Taken me best part of 11years to get where i am today.

M4TC: The second question comes from Christopher White, via Facebook. He wants to know what one thing has happened in your life that has made the biggest impact on who you are today.
Paul Semtex Daley: I wouldnt be able to give a single answer to this, I have alot of influence and things that have an impact on my life.

M4TC: Andrew James on twitter would like to know what the difference is in terms of MMA levels. Do you really notice the step in quality of fighter from say BAMMA moving up to UFC and do you treat each fight the same no matter what level?
Paul Semtex Daley: Yes i try and treat all fights as the same, there is not real level depending on where you fight, UFC or BAMMA, it more who you fight oe who you have fought that determines your level.

M4TC: Yesterday we received an email from Corey Robinson, asking a question about your next fight. Where is your next fight, and who will you be facing?
Paul Semtex Daley: My next fight will be at BELLATOR, the fans get to vote for the fight so i dont know who i am fighting. Head to spike.com to find out.

M4TC: The next question was sent in by Lewis Reohogreti via Twitter and he asked, who are your coaches and where do you train these days?
Paul Semtex Daley: I train at the Spirit Dojo in Nottingham. I fight for the fight Team there which is headed up by myself. My coaches are Rupert Smillie and Dave Ziljme for stand up, as well as regular trips to Mikes gym in Holland. Conditioning and S&C i have Coach Toby Liddard and Sunny Dholakia. For Wrestling/Ground I have Kenny Johnson.

M4TC: Keith Smith from Twitter has asked Your fight against Hazelett at UFC was amazing! Do you ever see yourself back in the UFC?
Paul Semtex Daley: Thanks, my main focus is on winning the Bellator tournament and becoming a champion there.

M4TC: What do you enjoying doing in your spare time? Do you have hobbies away from MMA?
Paul Semtex Daley: I like getting involved in business projects, i like traveling going on holidays, and relaxing with my family.

M4TC: And finally….the last question from Jason Teritas is, what will you be doing over Christmas?
Paul Semtex Daley: Training, Teaching..and spending time with my family.

M4TC: Paul, we’d like to give you a big thank you for your time in answering all of the fans questions. We all appreciate it here at Made4TheCage and hope to see you again at our next Made4TheCage event on December 16th 2012.