Sunderland world’s best crowd for Made4TheCage 10’s Loic Marty

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

An enthusiastic Loic Marty (13-14) makes his return to Sunderland and Made4TheCage next weekend for Unstoppable when he takes on unbeaten prospect Chris Douglas and he cannot wait to step back inside the cage in the North East and put on a show.

Loic Marty

In fact, despite fighting all over the world he has been eagerly looking forward to returning to Wearside because he hails fans there as the finest on the planet.

Speaking ahead of the fight, the Frenchman revealed excitedly: “You cannot imagine how excited I am to come back!

“As all of my best fights have been there I can’t wait to get back and the fans there appreciate my striking game which I showed against my friend Andrew Punshon.

“I have fought all around the world and can honestly say that the best place to fight for me is Sunderland. Fans and fighters always give 100000% and this gives me wings inside the cage!”

Although he lost his first fight at M4TC5, he won the promoters and fans over with his “French heart” and although Douglas may be 4-0, Marty is ready to step in and hand him the first loss of his pro career when the middleweights meet.

“Douglas is a very tough fighter and he has trained with some of the best around and I know that he will be ready but I hope so because I am too and am in great shape,” he smiled. “He has never lost a fight but I think that it is very important for a fighter to know what it is to lose and I’m ready to give him this opportunity.”

‘The Scorpion’ earned that interesting nickname when fighting in Germany when he stepped into the cage for the first time ever six years ago as a semi-pro and wowed the home crowd by his determination to stay standing and slug it out and he won their hearts with a devastating array of striking ability.

Being held against the cage in a wrestling clinch, Loic flicked out his feet upward and kicked his opponent in the face before repeating it three times over in that round, busting open his fellow combatant’s nose and earning the moniker ‘Scorpion’ from the German fans.

The Pujol native praised the promotion and fans once more before ending on an interesting note, insisting that he has nothing left to prove as a pro.

“I want to thank Mr Percival for giving me the chance to come back and put on a show for the best fans in the world,” he enthused. “This is going to be a great and exciting fight as I have 30 pro fights now and have nothing left to prove but so much more to show and to thrill these fans is my priority now!”

‘The Scorpion’ would like to thank his sponsors Duo Photo UK and Olvani Eurl ahead of this bout.