Steven ‘bam bam’ Gardener: ‘all I could do was dive around like an idiot’

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Steven ‘bam bam’ Gardener (2-3-0) will face undefeated fighter Mahmood Be Sharate (3-0-0) at BAMMA 12 in front of his home crowd at the Metro Arena in Newcastle.

bam bam 2

With BAMMA 12 been very North East flavoured Gardener believes that it puts him and the other local lads under more pressure but he is confident that they will come out with their hand raised.

BAMMA is one of the biggest promotions in Europe and it is a great achievement for anyone that gets booked.

‘Bam Bam’ said: “It felt amazing when Dale told me the news and all I could do was dive about like an idiot then when I calmed down I found out the name of the lad who’s standing in my way.”

Be Sharate is undefeated and fights out Team Rough House which is home to some top MMA talent . He was also undefeated as an amateur, so he will be a tough test for the gritty Sunderland fighter.

The Made4TheCage fighter said: “My camp has gone good I have had hard sparring on mornings and classes with Fisher (MMA) and Benny Anderson (Thai) and fight circuits on nights.”

Gardener finished the experienced Nathan Thompson at Made4TheCage8 and also got the TKO finish at Eiko in 1:24s so momentum is on the side of ‘bam bam’.

Another win would catapult the bantamweight’s career but a win at BAMMA would be a tremendous accolade to have.

He said: “A win at BAMMA makes people take notice of you especially if you put on a good performance, I’m confident in my skills and I’m sure we will put on a good show.

When asked about how he thought the fight would go he said: “ you can never tell how the fight is going to play out till that bell goes all I can do is be strong in my all round game.”

Gardener is a family man and believes been a dad gives him the dedication to train as hard as he does.

The Sunderland lad finally said: “Could I thank my sponsors besupeme for supplying my protein because without these guys I would be falling apart, fitness2000 for letting me train there for free, all the NFA and TFT lads for getting me ready, my coaches, and my amazing management team Made4TheCage who always go the extra mile for us. Finally I would like to thank BAMMA for giving me the opportunity.

You can follow him on twitter @stevenbambam