Shamsul ‘Black Magic’ Haque on his British flyweight title hopes

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Shamsul ‘Black Magic’ Haque (7-5) clashes with Niko Gjoka (8-7) for the Made4TheCage British flyweight title in what should be a frantic and exciting 125lb fight.


Haque, who fights out of fighting fit, South Shields is not short of confidence and already has his eyes set on UFC champion Demetrious ‘Might Mouse’ Johnson after he takes home the strap.

He said: “after I beat Niko I plan to defend my title and also fight abroad a few times. I also have my eyes on Demetrious Johnson because that’s how I roll.”

The 24-year-old is stepping into the cage after a six month lay-off but he has come more prepared than ever, training in a range of different martial art disciplines and a number of gyms. With MMA becoming more diverse this seems to be the case with a lot of fighters these days in order to possess a wider range of skills.

‘Black Magic’ said: “Normally I train at just one gym to prepare for a fight but specifically for this fight I have trained in six different gyms learning different martial arts of attack and defence. Such as Wing Chung Karate, Capoeira, and many more because that’s how focussed and dedicated I am for this title fight against Niko on feb 16th.”

Haque insists that he is focused and prepared for whatever comes his way and he is no stranger to the pulsating M4TC atmosphere. He came out with the victory against Mark Handley at M4TC6 via submission in the second round.

His thoughts on Niko were: “Niko is a cage fighter and I’ve heard cage fighters are rough and are angry all the time. So my thoughts are that he’s going to be very scary looking and most probably break things during the weigh-ins.”

This fight is one of the five titles on the line at Made4TheCage9: Night of Champions and will surely be a fast-paced and explosive exhibition of MMA.