Rany Saadeh on becoming champion at five days notice

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Rany Saadeh certainly made a big impact at Made4TheCage 9: Night of Champions this past Saturday by taking home the title after a war with Shamsul Haque on extremely short notice.

Rany Saadeh

Following a very late pull out just days before the British flyweight title match-up, Haque was left without an opponent until Saadeh stepped in to stun many people with his terrific performance, made all the more impressive by his lack of preparation.

“I didn’t really prepare for this fight,” the German flyweight told me. “But I was in decent shape as I am always training regularly in the weeks before a fight. My mind felt ready and I really wanted to fight so I grasped this opportunity with both hands.”

The 19-year-old, now 4-1 in his pro career, usually trains at one of Germany’s most well-known MMA gyms, The ‘Hitli BJJ IMAG-Berlin, but says that he loves travelling and training in different gyms all over the world and is now training in Liverpool with Pietro Menga.

With victory in his first fight in 2013 then, he is extremely happy to have secured the first gold of his career but admits he still knows that he must continue to keep working hard.

“This is my first title so it feels really great to have it. Obviously I am glad that I won but I am never 100% happy with my performance and there are a few things that I will work on in the next few weeks,” said Saadeh. “I am sure that if I had a full fight camp, I would have finished the fight earlier.”

As it happened, he secured victory just as the 10-second warning sounded in the final round by landing a series of strikes to a downed ‘Black Magic’ and get the TKO win but late finishes are nothing new to this exciting talent who says he was always confident.

“I thought that I would finish him in the first round because I was confident but finishing so late in a fight is nothing new for me as all of my finishes come late in fights,” he said. “Even when you make a mistake, you still have to be confident of winning otherwise you will lose the fight and thankfully, I won.”

Saadeh also said that he is already looking forward to coming back to defend his title and told me about his hopes for the rest of the year.

“I would love to come back to fight for M4TC and defend my title because I really liked the show and I look forward to this,” stated Rany. “But being happy and healthy is most important for me. I will keep on doing what I love and hopefully I will be successful at it because there are many more wins waiting to be earned this year!”