Q&A with Colin ‘The Freakshow’ Fletcher

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Colin Fletcher is the epitome of great entertainment. With some of the most elaborate and colourful entrances into the cage.

He brings with him a deadly fighting style and a Stephen King ‘esque sense of doom. Holding a fight record of eight wins and one loss, his unorthodox style keeps fans on the edges of their seats in anticipation and it doesn’t matter what way the fight is going, you can never write the ‘Freakshow’ off until the curtain falls. We catch up with him for a few questions on his life as pro fighter and experience inside the famous TUF House!!!

Q&A With ‘The Freakshow’

When did you start in MMA?

I started MMA about 7 years ago in order to get away with punching people legally and to stop people stealing my hobo bag.

Tell us a bit about your MMA fight history to date?

My fight history so far has been pretty good in always. Trying to fight the hardest people available to me, but I’m yet to be overwhelmed and really beaten up by someone to make me have to really dig deep and push through that’s what I long for.

Who are your coaches and sparring partners?

My coaches are:
Nick Hands – Thai Boxing
Warren Oliver – Grappling, Wrestling
Paul Hubber – Boxing

Some of my sparing partners include Phil De Fries, Ross Pearson, Curt Warburton, Andrew Punshon, Ryan Scope, Liam James, Andrew Fisher, Davey Grant, and loads more

What is harder fighting or sniffing wasabi?

Sniffing wasabi, but I do it regular so neither are hard my fight is the easiest part of my training camps.

You’ve become known as a bit of a ‘choke-master’ who can execute them out of nowhere; what would you put this down to?

Eeeeeerm because my arms are basically made from fishing wire and after I punch people a bit they normally put their heads right out

We saw your entrance at BAMMA 8 and 9 if you were to win the TUF Smashes UK vs Australia would you keep your unique entrances for the UFC, and how do you think the Americans would take to it?

Yeah, I love a cheeky entrance planning they help me keep my brain working. If I leave it stale for too long I get bored and end up doing weird things.

What would your ultimate entrance be like?

I want to learn to ride a unicycle to ride out or I’d like to be carried out in a coffin but I fear my mates may drop me for fun so I’d end up fighting with a broken leg

Out of the 3 North East Fighters who have appeared on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’. Why are you better than Ross Pearson and Andy Ogle?

I would never say I was a better fighter than anyone I just love to fight, simple. I don’t particularly care about being the best I just do me and if people don’t like that, fuck them.

If you were to fight George Sotiropoulos would you beat him and how?

I’d love to fight George stroppy-dopalus one day. I think he’s a great fighter, but I’m pure evil inside he aint going beat me up he ain’t gona sub me so while he’s trying I’d be laughing and hurting his feelings

Do you think your entrances and un-orthodox fighting style effects your opponents’ mental preparation and is that all part of your plan?

I don’t really care about how my opponents prepare or think about me. I’ve got other things on my mind to be honest like fish and different types of soup.

What is your dream Threesome and why?

I’m secretly a practising nun so I’m strictly off the T-REX.

Whats your favourite type of ice cream and why?

My favourite ice cream would have to be seagull and cabbage with a flake and monkeys blood on.

Your part of the Made4TheCage Fight Management Family, what are them 2 dicks at M4TC like?

Yeah, Dale and Scotty are cool. They pay me in fruit pastels and fake sun tan so, I couldn’t possibly complain!

Is there anyone you would like to thank Mr Freakshow?

I’d like to thank Dale and Scotty. My sponsors Lonsdale, Machine Lad, all of the lads from the Fightpi, Shiney Row, The Unity Gym, Durham and Spartan, Sunderland.