One Armed Grappler Steals the Show at Grapple4Glory

Disable grappler Sam Kaye stole the show last weekend in an inspiring victory against Anthony Duffy at Grapple4Glory in Sunderland's Nissan Sports and Leisure Centre.

Kaye, 25, demonstrated an impressive guard throughout, almost catching Duffy in a triangle earlier in the bout, against a dangerous opponent and locked up the vicious armbar finish midway through the allotted time.

The Bradford grappler said that Jiu-Jitsu was the perfect sport for him despite his handicap: “I used to be a really high level swimmer and I had to stop because of repetitive strain injures. I was watching UFC at the time and I fell in love with it through that

“Jiu-Jitsu is such a level playing field though, it’s all rules. For someone like me who’s only got one arm, choking is a bad way of finishing given that they all involve two arms so open competitions like this with no rules I feel I can challenge anyone.”

Kaye showed a huge passion for the sport and where it should go in the interview as well as receiving one of the biggest cheers on the night from the audience despite his early place on the card. A true inspiration.

Tyrone Elliot also produced an impressive win on the night defeating courageous combatant Jamie Taylor by decision in a remarkable exhibition of grappling, showing just why the North-East is one of the most sought after regions in the Martial Arts community right now.

Elliot looked to have secured the win early in the fight, catching Taylor in an armbar and looking certain for victory, however, a remarkable escape from Taylor kept the fight going with Elliot having to work hard for the victory.

Speaking after the fight Elliot said: “He was very slick with his escapes, maybe fatigue stopped me from getting the victory but he was such a tough opponent

“This is the start of the ball rolling, not just for me but North-East grappling, this competition has been amazing and I hope to hit as many competitions as possible this year.”

Elsewhere on the card, Middlesborough’s Tom Symon became the new 82kg Blue-belt Grapple4Glory Champion in impressive fashion, defeating current champion and fan-favourite Anthony McIntyre via Toe Hold.

In a back and forth scramble, McIntyre was dominating the contest on top before dropping to 50/50 guard in a heel-hook attempt of his own, Symon defended well before looking for his own submission, winning the title in the process.

Also on the card, North-East Jiu Jitsu pair Andrew Sill and Ellis Younger cemented their places amongst the best in the region with two huge wins over tough opponents.

Younger once again established himself as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, name in North-East jiu-jitsu with a dominant display defeating highly touted prospect James Keay in the co-main event via collar choke.

Speaking on the win Ellis said: “It was a tough match but I’m confident working my game. I turned up tonight and I was confident in my skill and performing and that I could get the win.”

Andrew Sill had started the night out well for the duo, defeating Seany Stewart in a fast-flowing back and forth contest. Sill managed to establish dominance midway through the bout however, before finishing his opponent with a one arm Collar choke.