Mulheron scores spectacular Spinning Back Fist Knockout to keep British Heavyweight Title

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

James Mulheron successfully defended his British Heavy weight crown after a spectacular third round spinning back fight at Made 4 The Cage.


Mulheron came into the fight boasting an undefeated 6-0-0 record and ranked as the number 2 ranked heavyweight in the country. London’s Lake on the other hand boasted an impressive 6-3-0 record of his own and is ranked in the top 20 in the country himself.

Having already seen mentor Phil De Fries win earlier in the night the pressure was on Mulheron to deliver a performance of his own to prove he belongs among the elite in the country.

The crowd was with South Shield’s Mulheron from the start and the humble fighter looked to relish his enormous ovation on his way to the ring.

Both fighters looked edgy to start the fight, both wary of the other’s renowned punching power but it was Lake who scored the early takedown. Mulheron quickly got up however and looked calm against the cage having suffer the early scare.

It was Lake again with the takedown however, taking The Juggernaut’s back but Mulheron was wise to it and transitioned to a side mount of his own.

Lake looked to strike from the outside of the cage, giving Mulheron the middle of the ring in attempt to pick the North-East fighter off with his impressive wrestling, which he did successfully.

Lake took Mulheron down a third time and looked to finish the fight but Mulheron slipped out of a tight-looking rear naked choke as the round ended.

Mulheron looked the more energetic fighter at the end of the round, surprising considering the amount of time he spent on the cage but there is a reason why they call him ‘The Juggernaut’.

Mulheron gained control early in the second round and tripped Lake’s left leg when the two were pinned against the cage, gaining a postured up full mount in the process. Lake quickly reversed it resulting in the two stood up against the cage.

Mulheron looked to rock the London fighter with a knee in the middle of the round but Lake recovered well to survive the onslaught and looked to compose himself against the cage.

The local fighter was getting the better of all the stand-up exchanged hitting Lake with a devastating knee and uppercut.

The crowd was in uproars and Mulheron dominated Lake in the later round, the uppercut again was the weapon as Lake went for another take down and somehow Lake survived a flurry of ground and pound as the round ended.

The fight was living up to all the hype and the crowd was actually asked to sit down to avoid any health and safety difficulties.

Mulheron again came out swinging the third round and nailed the fight in one of the best finishes in recent memory. A spinning back fist from out of nowhere when Lake looked to be recovering from an earlier barrage. Lake dropped to the canvas and the fight was over.

Not only did Mulheron prove he deserves to be where he is in the rankings but a UFC call up must not be far away. An outstanding performance in a fantastic main event to end the show.