Made4TheCage9: Night of Champions fight reports

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Both fighters came out and took the centre of the octagon, Burlinson landed an overhand right early and then pushed forward for the clinch. When Sherratt broke the clinch Burlinson landed clean knees to the body and head which dropped Sherratt for a moment but soon recovered.

Made4TheCage9: Night of Champions Results

By Brad Ward and Padraig Whelan

Lewis Sherratt (1-1-0) vs Justin Burlinson (1-0-0) Amateur B Class Lightweight 3×3

Both fighters came out and took the centre of the octagon, Burlinson landed an overhand right early and then pushed forward for the clinch. When Sherratt broke the clinch Burlinson landed clean knees to the body and head which dropped Sherratt for a moment but soon recovered. In the later stages of the first round Burlinson landed a flying knee. In the second Burlinson came out more aggressive and landed a flurry of combinations and knees. Sherratt was unable to stop the takedown and Burlinson worked hard for the armbar from mount but transitioned to a triangle for the victory in the 2nd.

Burlinson def Sherratt by triangle in 2:00 2nd round

Iain Rollason (0-1-0) vs George Pattison (1-0-0) Amateur B Class Light heavyweight 3×3

Pattison came out throwing bombs landing the left hook and uppercut early which jolted Rollason he then pushed Pattison against the cage and worked some dirty boxing but The Dungeon fighter was able to break away and land the uppercut on the inside. In the second Rollason charges Pattison against the fence after been caught flush with a flurry of hooks Pattison carried on landing punches and devastating leg kicks which eventually sent Rollason to the mat. Pattison dives on the opportunity and locks in the armbar from mount in the final seconds of the 2nd round.

Pattion def Rollason by armbar in 4:40 2nd round

Tony Chambers (3-1-0) vs Ross Hughes (2-0-0) Amateur Welterweight 3×3

Chambers came out looking for the head kick early but left the double leg open for Hughes to take it to the mat. Hughes got the mount and worked for an armbar but gives it up and settles for side-control. The round finished with Hughes on top. In the second round Chambers catches a kick and takes the fight to the ground and delivers some nasty ground n pound, Hughes droped down for a leg lock but can’t finish and ends up on his back. Hughes managed to get back to his feet and put Chambers on his back again where he takes the back and sinks in the hooks to tap Chambers out in the third via rear naked-choke.

Hughes def Chambers by rear naked-choke in 3rd round

Nathan Thompson (4-37-0) vs Ash Griffiths (1-0-0) Professional Featherweight

Griffiths come out and slams Thompson hard to the canvas and delivers sharp elbows to the head, Thompson keeps a tight guard but get slammed again and ends up mounted. Griffiths uses his position to end the fight in the first via TKO to ground strikes.

Griffiths def Thompson by TKO in 1:50 1st round

Danny Welsh (6-29-0) vs Jamie Jones (1-0-0) Professional Lightweight

Jones came out an immediately looked for the clinch Welsh tried to create space but Jones closed the distance well and took the fight to the ground where ‘The Wolverine’ gives up his back for Jones to lock in his hooks and finish the round strong. In the second Jones carried on where he left off and shot on for the takedown and tightens the body triangle but Welsh turns to where the lock is and reverses to wind up in Jones’ guard. Both fighters scramble for position and strike for space. In the closing stages of the second Jones lands a sweet overhand right flush and drops Welsh. The third showed high class wresting and Submission defence from both fighters a back and forth fight was an exciting display of groundwork by both fighters.

Jones def Welsh by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Neil Laird (1-4-0) vs Chris Thirkell (2-0-0) Professional Welterweight

Laird stunned Thirkell and drops him to the mat with the first punch of the fight but quickly springs back to his feet and pushed Laird to the fence, after some nice dirty boxing Thirkell lands a well-executed hip-toss into side-mount and rained down elbows as well as attempting a key lock before being rolled over. The Spartans man then attempted an omoplata but couldn’t lock it in. In the second, both fighters entered into a wild exchange, Thirkell saw the opening and scores the takedown Laird gives up his back and is Submitted via rear naked-choke.

Thirkell def Laird by rear naked-choke in 3:11 2nd round       

James l’anson (0-2-0) v Darren Wardle (4-2-0) – Professional Middleweight

It did not take Darren Wardle long to pick up his third consecutive win in a bout against short notice opponent Jamie l’anson. Originally scheduled to take on Enzo Parente, Sunderland’s Wardle scored an early takedown and after securing l’anson’s leg, he turned him over and secured an armbar finish after just 49 seconds and continue his impressive winning streak.

Wardle def. l’anson via armbar (Round 1 – 0:49)


Leigh Remedios (17-10-2) v Carl Fawcett (6-4-0) – Professional Bantamweight

In an exciting bantamweight encounter, veteran Leigh Remedios ultimately came up short in his battle with Carl Fawcett. ‘Bulldog’ started well and gained a good early takedown as well as locking in a guillotine that was not tight enough to secure the finish and Fawcett fought out of it before unloading with vicious ground and pound using both fists and elbows for the remainder of the first round. Remedios pulled guard at the start of the second round and reversed Fawcett on to the bottom and took control from full guard before transitioning well into north-south and side control but time was against him making an impact in the second round. The decisive third round saw both men start tentatively in the stand up and it was Fawcett who this time sunk in a guillotine but Remedios held in admirably and forced his opponent to release but a very late burst from Fawcett brought with it victory when he unloaded shots on to the side of Remedios’ head and swarmed in to secure a TKO win through ground and pound.

Fawcett def. Remedios via TKO  (Round 3 – 4:30)


Stuart Tyrie (6-6-0) v Andrew Punshon (12-7-0) – Professional Middleweight

Backed by a boisterous local support, ‘The Predator’ Andrew Punshon sent his fans home happy with a first round submission victory over a game Stuart Tyrie. Both men came out firing off a flurry of punches from the off and Punshon caught Tyrie with a hook that knocked him to the mat. He then unleashed a hail of vicious blows down on his opponent, working both body and head. When Punshon then took himself to the ground, he quickly passed guard and caught Tyrie in a mounted guillotine that he squeezed on until the referee was forced to intervene and stop the fight.

Punshon def. Tyrie via mounted guillotine (Round 1 – 3:57)


Rany Saadeh (4-1-0) v Shamsul Haque (7-6-0) – British Flyweight title

Rany Saadeh took this title fight on five days’ notice and against the odds, became the British flyweight champion, beating Shamsul Haque. ‘Black Magic’ took the first round by stifling the German’s attempts at striking by using his wrestling and grappling to great effect. However, in the second Saadeh battled back despite suffering more early takedowns by taking the back of Haque and firing off shots as well as securing a full mount position. In the third, the 19-year-old dodged an early Haque punch and executed an intelligent takedown before taking the back of his opponent and got full hooks in before flattening him out as he looked for the finish. With just 10 seconds of the bout remaining, he got it when he pounded away from back mount to secure the stoppage from the referee and take home the title.

Saadeh def. Haque via TKO (Round 3 – 4:50)


Paul Taylor (5-3-0) v James Mulheron (2-0-0) British Heavyweight title

James Mulheron maintained his unbeaten pro record with a victory over Paul Taylor for the heavyweight title. With many expecting a stand up exchange of hard-hitting punches, both men looked to exert control against the cage and each showed good striking and grappling when called upon throughout the first round but it was in the second that Mulheron began to tire out ‘the Titan’ with good work in the stand-up and also taking him to the ground where he pulled off some equally powerful punches and in the end, the corner of Taylor called a stop to the contest before the third round could commence.

Mulheron def. Taylor via corner stoppage (Round 3 – 0:00)


Martin Delaney (7-0-0) v Paul Cook (11-3-0) British Lightweight title

As well as an unbeaten pro record, Martin Delaney now has the British lightweight title to add to his collection following his decision win over Paul Cook. In a tight encounter, Delaney exerted much of the early pressure and scored the takedown through a hip toss and took top control, firing off heavy shots from that position. Although ‘Cookie’ connected with a big hook in the second round which looked to slightly stun Delaney, the fight found its way to the ground where Delaney again took control. It was more of the same in the third as Delaney again impressed on the ground and did enough to make the judges feel the same way by picking up a decision by way of three 29-28 scores.

Delaney def. Cook via unanimous decision


Rab Truesdale (6-3-1) v Richy Knox (3-0-0) European Light-Heavyweight title

Richy ‘the Guvnor’ Knox picked up European title glory with his first round submission win over Scotland’s Rab Truesdale in Made4TheCage 9’s main event. Knox rolled ‘Baloo’ into full mount early but Truesdale battled back to his feet and secured a takedown of his own, looking for a leg lock as he did so but ‘the Guvnor’ demonstrated terrific BJJ skills as he turned the tide, and in doing so moving from an armbar attempt into a triangle and produce the tap from Truesdale and with it the European strap.

Knox def. Truesdale via triangle (Round 1 – 1:35)