Made4thecage Invasion Preview

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Made4thecage Invasion returns for another action packed show at Rainton Meadows Arena on the 28th of February. The North East's premier mixed martial arts event, Made4thecage is turning it up a notch further this time around.

The card will feature amateur titles and a bantamweight tournament, French vs English bouts and a huge pro card culminating in yet another match-up for perennial favourite – the unbeaten heavyweight James ‘The Juggernaut’ Mulheron.

France vs England
The card begins with seven bouts that feature fighters from England and France, competing for national glory under the lights at Rainton meadows. With the majority of fighters making their NSAC amateur debuts, there isn’t much to be said other than that they will all be bringing ferocity and determination to win. When national pride is on the line, nobody wants to back down. Seven high quality reasons to make sure you’re there from the start of the show!

Bantamweight tournament
Next up is the four man bantamweight tournament for the Made4thecage Unified Amateur Rules (UAR) Bantamweight title. Within the 135lbs limit, it’s fair to say the competitors assembled are among the best in the amateur rankings. Adam Bramhald is a 5-1 fighter from Danny Mitchell’s AVT in Yorkshire, Aidan Stephen is a 7-3 Scotsman and Aidan James 4-1 hails from Wales. Finally, Craig Thomas Boyle 5-0 competes out of Spartan Gym in Sunderland, the only home town fighter amongst the line-up. (Note: that’s me.) The tournament figures to be an exciting set of high quality fights between men who hold good records and will be eager to claim the new bantamweight UAR title.

Next up, two more UAR fights take place that see the debut of Wayne Fairless and Ash Davis, who collide at a catch weight of 194lbs. Then Dave Cunliffe (1-1) takes on Lewis Garside (2-1) in a featherweight clash that promises pure excitement from the get go. Both men are competent, aggressive strikers and this will be one to watch.

The stellar amateur card comes to a close with two title bouts. Harry Hardwick (3-1) defends his recently won featherweight title against the tough Michael Corbett (3-1.) Both men have excellent stand-up skills and slick grappling and carry identical records, so this is a clash that will be very competitive.

To finish the unified amateur rules card off, Dean Purcell (3-0) takes on Rory Evans (5-0) to claim the vacant lightweight title. Purcell has the less experienced record but has looked impressive in his past outings on the show, displaying good boxing and solid wrestling. Evans is a welshman with submission and TKO wins to his name, so is dangerous all over. Another exciting, high-level bout that’ll be as polished as most pros.

The Professionals take over

The professionals take the cage when Mikey Hogarth (0-1) and David Stone (2-6) come together to battle it out for a win at lightweight. Both men have losing records so will be very keen to get a victory. As well as that, they’re opening the card so will be eager to put on a show.
Next up are featherweights, with Garry Duffy (1-2) taking on Dean Latif (0-0.) Duffy has not won since 2012 so will be desperate to get a win here. His opponent is the dangerous Dean Latif, making his debut at professional level after a strong showing at amateur.

Fists will fly when Perry Goodwin (1-1) meets Duncan Young at Welterweight. Both men are game for a fight and Goodwin has been under the Rainton Meadows lights before in memorable bouts. An action packed slugfest may be on the cards!

When you talk about heavy hitters you can’t forget Jamie Jones (2-1.) The local man takes on a more experienced opponent in Daniel Park (5-2) at Lightweight. The experience won’t matter to Jones, who packs a hell of a wallop and is dangerous at every range. Park has beaten some good opponents with submissions and TKO’s, so may be looking to take the fight to the ground to nullify Jones heavy hands. Whatever happens, this has exciting written all over it.

A welterweight bout sees Roger Griffin (3-3) take on Adam Proctor (1-0) in a battle of experience versus potential. Proctor fights out of Alex Enlund’s gym Sixth Sense MMA and has been impressive at amateur. He looks young and slim for the division, but has proven capable all through his amateur career so can’t be judged on that. Griffin is a South African born fighter who has had mixed success, but shows his best work when going after submissions. This will be a great fight for both men and potentially a launching pad for Proctor should he prove victorious.

An exciting clash in the featherweight division sees Paul Gregson (3-2) take on Carl Fawcett (6-6.) Both men are short, stocky fighters that aren’t afraid of a tear-up. They are both nose-to-the-wall fighters who have shown great skills in both stand-up and ground-work. It’s impossible to see where this one may go, but it will probably be an action-packed fight across various ranges of grappling and striking.

The penultimate fight is a late addition but an amazing one. A heavyweight clash between Thomas Denham (7-6) and Philip De Fries (11-4 1 NC.) Denham is a wrestler from Darlington who has crushed his way through opponents with dominant positioning and heavy striking whereas De Fries is a UFC veteran and a submission expert. Denham’s losses have come mainly by way of TKO and Submission, so he will have to be careful of De Frie’s slick grappling. Meanwhile, Phil will have to work hard to take down a man who has a strong wrestling pedigree. This is going to be a colossal bout!

The main event – the Juggernaut stampede?

Every Made4thecage that features the unbeaten James ‘The Juggernaut’ Mulheron (7-0) sees the arena explode with cheers and support. The atmosphere goes electric and the audience jump out of their seats. It’s all in praise of the big man, who carries unbelievable speed and cardio for a heavyweight coupled with great boxing and fight IQ. Here he takes on Ruben ‘The Viking’ Wolf, a German with an impressive 9-6 record that is littered with wins through submission and KO’s. The foreign fighter will be looking to make a mark and add a loss to Mulheron’s perfect record. Meanwhile, the Juggernaut will be looking to surge through the fight and carry his momentum onto what should be a huge 2015, if he can get past the dangerous German.

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The full card is listed below
European Pro. Heavyweight Title 265lbs
Rubén Wolf 9-6-0 vs James Mulheron 7-0-0
Pro. Heavyweight Bout 265lbs
Thomas Denham 7-6-0 vs Philip De Fries 11-4-0-1
Pro. Featherweight Bout 145lbs
Paul Gregson 3-2-0 vs Carl Fawcett 6-6-0
Pro. Welterweight Bout 170lbs
Roger Griffin 3-3-0 vs Adam Proctor 1-0-0
Pro. Lightweight Bout 155lbs
Daniel Park 5-2-0 vs Jamie Jones 2-1-0
Pro. Welterweight Bout 170lbs
Duncan Young 2-2-0 vs Perry Goodwin 1-1-0
Pro. Featherweight Bout 145lbs
Garry Duffy 1-2-0 vs Dean Latif 0-0-0
Pro. Lightweight Bout 155lbs
Davie Stone 2-6-0 vs Mikey Hogarth 0-1-0
Unified Amateur Rules vacant Lightweight Title 155lbs 3 x 4 min Rnds
Rory Evans 5-0-0 vs Dean Purcell 3-0-0
Unified Amateur Rules Featherweight Tile 145lbs 3 x 4 min Rnds
Harry Hardwick 3-1-0 vs Michael Corbett 3-1-0
Unified Amateur Rules Featherweight Bout 145lbs 3 x 3min Rnds
Dave Cuncliffe 1-1-0 vs Lewis Garside 2-1-0
Unified Amaetur Rules Catchweight Bout 194lbs 3 x 3min Rnds
Wayne Fairless 0-0-0 vs Ash Davis 0-0-0
Unified Amateur Rules 4 Man 135lb Tournament:
2 x 3mins Rnds
3 x 3mins Final
Winner takes Title
Craig Thomas Boyle 5-0-0
Aidan James 4-1-0
Adam Bramhald 5-1-0
Aidan Stephen 7-3-0
Unified Amateur Rules 185lb Bout:
Team France Team UK
Samy Boudjerra 1-0-0 vs Kyle Fitzgerald 0-0-0
Unified Amateur Rules 155lb Bout:
Team France Team UK
Romain Magnet 0-0-0 vs Matty Smith 0-0-0
Unified Amateur Rules 170lb Bout:
Team France Team UK
Steve Martin 0-0-0 vs Geoffrey Burn 0-0-0
Unified Amateur Rules 170lb Bout:
Team France Team UK
Greg Beyon 0-1-0 vs Jed Ramshaw 1-0-0
Unified Amateur Rules 155lb Bout:
Team France Team UK
Shady Boudjerra 0-0-0 vs Conor Brown ᄃ 0-1-0
Unified Amateur Rules 145lb Bout:
Team France Team UK
Yann Martelli 0-0-0 vs Michael Walton 0-0-0
5lb Female Bout:
Team France
Victoria Vidal 1-2-1 vs TBC