Made4TheCage 7

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Made4TheCage will make a return for another top MMA installment on the 13th of October 2012, at Rainton Meadows Arena. You can find all of the details for the event, in the vents section of this website. Tickets are selling thick and fast so if you have not got yours yet please get in touch by using the contact page

The fight card to date

Main Event Middleweight 83.9kg Title:


Eugene Fadiora 12-1-0 Vs. Andrew Punshon 11-6-1

CO-Main Event Bantamweight 61.2kg Title:


Niko Gjoka 8-7-0 Vs. Davey Grant 7-1-0

Professional Welterweight 77.1kg:

Andy Plimmer 6-0-0 Vs. Rob Mills 7-2-0

Professional Middleweight 83.9kg Bout:

Dave Brown 3-1-0 Vs. Luke Harriman 2-0-0

Professional Heavyweight 120.2kg Bout:

Ivan Pioneer 0-0-0 Vs. James Mulheron 0-0-0

Professional Featherweight 65.8kg But:

Rhys Parker 1-2-0 Vs. Darren Straughan 1-0-0

Professional Welterweight 77.1kg Bout:

Nathan Wilson 0-0-0 Vs. Chris Thirkell 0-0-0

Professional Middleweight 88.0kg Bout:

Brad Austin 4-3-0 Vs Darren Wardle 2-2-0

Professional Lightweight 70.3kg Bout:

Tim Grieves 0-0-0 Vs. Daniel Park 3-2-0

Professional Middleweight 83.9kg Bout:

Lee Cage 0-4-0 Vs Jamie Stephenson 1-0-0

********************************** UNDER-CARD **********************************

Amateur B Class Lightweight 70.3kg Title:

Jonny Ohikere 3-0-0. Vs. Davie Bowmer 7-0-0

Amateur B Class Welterweight 77.1kg Title:

Dez Parker 7-0-1. Vs. Anas Siraj Mounir 7-0-0

Amateur B Class Middleweight 83.9kg Bout:

Pail Hill 1-0-0 Vs. Lee Sumpton 2-1-0

Amateur B Class Welterweight 77.1kg Bout:

Josh McManus 2-0-0. Vs. Kieran Lister 3-0-0

Amateur B Class Welterweight 77.1kg Bout:

Paul Leo Antoni 0-0-0. Vs. Ross Hughes 0-0-0

Amateur B Class Lightweight 70.3kgBout:

Chris O’Keefe 0-4-0. Vs. Michael Corbett 0-0-0

Amateur C CLASS 78.5kd Catch Weight

Wade Bass 0-0-0. Vs. Tom Webster 0-0-0

Didn’t come last time? Dont miss out…