Luke Harriman: ‘I’m a tough fight for most middleweights in the country’

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Undefeated North East fighter Luke Harriman attempts to extend his winning streak to (4-0-0) at BAMMA 12.


Harriman takes on an experienced opponent in Scotsman Craig Robertson (2-1-0) in a fight that most people believe will be decided on the ground, as both men have a slick submission game.

Harriman said: “I expect a fight that could go anywhere and I’m prepared for it, I was beaten by a Scotsman at semi-pro and there tough but I want to show what I’m capable of and represent how we in the North East roll.”

The North East fighter expects a tough fight and wants to get the win over the Scottish grappler due to unfinished business with the Scots.

Harriman said: “ Whatever will be will be, like I’ve said he’s a Scotsman and they are mostly tough and crazy but I will put this to the test and well see what happens on the night”.

The local boy has never been out of the first round but believes that anything can happen in the fight business, he is just happy to be fighting in the octagon especially in one of Europe’s biggest shows.

Roberson is classed as a veteran of the sport but The Made4TheCage fighter is ready for whatever happens and believes his youth will play a part in the fight.

He said: “True Craig is a veteran with a lot of experience but I’m young, very hungry and I have had some really bad luck with pull outs.

“I’ve had more pull outs than fights and effectively trained an entire year for my last fight, Craig has a tough fight on his hands as I won’t give up and I’m coming hard in every area.”

Pull outs are obviously very common in such a demanding sport but Harriman has had terrible luck and is more than happy to take a fight.

The future for this young middleweight is vast and could go anywhere at the moment but BAMMA a real catapult for young fighters and his future will lie on his next fight.

He said: “I believe in my coaches and team mates more than anything and I trust there guidance.

“I want to raise the bar with each opponent to test myself accordingly. I hope to fight consistently and stay Injury free, who knows where this can take me but I’m told I’m a tough fight for most middleweights in the country.”