K1ngs Of Glory – Sunday 27th July 2014

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The North East of England has a long history in stand up martial arts. Sports such as boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai are all favoured fighting styles of the Northern crowd and we've had our share of amazing promotions in recent years such as Unity, EFC and Contenders. However, it's time to welcome another fantastic show into the fray.

K1ngs of Glory – Sunday 27th of July


Made4thecage is the North East’s most ambitious and successful MMA event, regularly putting on fantastic fights between top talent that rock Rainton Meadows arena with the audience’s cheers. Now, promoters Steven Scott and Dale Percival are bringing their ambition to the stand up ring with K1ngs of Glory. Bringing the same energy as Made4thecage to the K1 world, K1ngs will take place in Rainton Meadows Arena on Sunday the 27th of July.

Like it’s sister MMA show, K1ngs will be bringing some top talent to throw down in one of the regions best fight venues, including some big name MMA fighters trying their hands at K1.

K1ngs of Glory – Undercard

Starting the night off is a great undercard consisting of a mixture of boxing and k1 bouts. A mixture of experience and skills come into play in these fights and it will be interesting to see the energy these men will bring to the event as they set the pace for the evening.

MMA fighter Kyle Redfearn will be taking on Kenny Creighton in a 78kg boxing clash. Redfearn was always renowned in MMA for his heavy hands so look for an explosive match here. The rest of the preliminary card will fight tooth and nail to entertain the fans and get them ready for the explosive main card.

K1ngs of Glory – Main Card

Opening the main card is Andy Cona vs Gary Head in an 88kg k1 style bout. Cona has boxing experience and has fought a whos who in MMA, usually losing. However, he is a game opponent and his willingness to step up to almost anyone in the UK is an impressive show of bravery. Here he’ll be taking on Gary Head who trains under Stuart Roper. This will be a scrappy fight where neither man will give ground. Look for an early violent finish or a hard fought three rounds.

Next up Liam Coote takes on Ben Goldsborough at 68kgs. Coote is a promising young fighter that has a mixture of MMA and K1 experience, training under Terry Fahey. He’s got an arsenal of flashy kicks and shows great promise. Goldsborough is another up and comer, a young lad who owns the WKA junior title. This is going to be a nose to nose battle of two young fighters that could announce the arrival of the next generation of British K1 stars.

Fireworks aplenty when Jamie Boom Boom Jones takes on Dino Parente. Jamie Jones is known throughout MMA for his heavy hands and aggressive fighting style. Without takedowns to worry about, Jones will be able to march forward throwing the heavy hands he is known for. Dino Parente has lost a few MMA bouts but this’ll be an exciting avenue for him as he has shown some flashy wheel kicks in past fights before being taken down. An exciting bout here at 75kg where someone is most likely going to sleep.

Ben Holdsworth brings MMA and kickboxing experience to the ring when he meets Craig Shadforth at 76kg. Holdsworth will a richer history of competition to this fight but Shadforth fights out of the always tough Machine MMA and has MMA experience himself, so look for both men to come out with something to prove.

A battle of the lighter weights at 59 kilos sees amateur MMA standout Javonne Morrison take on Gary Laws. Morrison is coming off his first amateur loss by submission in June so will be taking to the k1 ring to try and show he can compete in other sports. Gary Laws is far more standup savvy, however, having trained under Craig Jose at Northern Kings and competing in k1 bouts. Morrison is a tough and exciting amateur MMA prospect but Laws is more of a specialist and will present a tough welcome to the MMA fighter.

Bradley Conway is one of those tough guys that do MMA a credit, stepping up on short notice to take on hard fights against top MMA competition. A solid journeyman who owes most losses to submission in MMA, Conway has a positive attitude and looks to constantly improve. Here we see him clash on the feet with Duncan McLean in an 84kg bout, which removes the threat of submissions that have waylaid Conway in the past. Mclean has competed in k1 before, noticeably winning at Unity 2. This experience will equip him well to lock horns with Conway.

K1ngs of Glory – Co-Main Event

The Co-main event of the evening sees two of UK MMA’s most talented figures clash in a standup bout. Andre Winner and Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher both have great MMA records and exciting kickboxing styles. Fans are being treated to an incredibly rare show, two prolific MMA fighters disregarding takedowns and grappling in favour of throwing hands, legs and knees at one another. Fletcher is a fantastic Thai boxer who is excellent at using his long limbs to his advantage, with an arsenal of punishing leg kicks and unconventional strikes. Winner is a technical striker who has used his skill both to KO and decision opponents across the globe. Having just defeated three men on the same night at AON 6, Winner comes with a surging record to the k1 world. The man they call the Freakshow will not give him an easy welcome – with a stunning array of strikes and an almost frightening willingness to engage. This is going to be a fight for the fans from start to finish.

K1ngs of Glory – Main Event

For the main event of the evening we see one of the UK’s most touted fighters In Reece Mcallister battling against Dragan Pesic at 67kg for the K1ngs of Glory Title. Pesic has experience in MMA, with a 3-2 pro record but he also holds many K1 victories and was once a champion in the sport. However, Mcallister is probably the most anticipated Thai fighter in England right now and has transitioned easily into k1. He holds 1-1 record in Glory and has competed against the likes of K1 legend ‘Iron’ Mike Zambidis. While Pesic is a dangerous guy who will show no quit, Mcallister is one of the rising stars of the K1 world and will not want to take a loss in the North East, his home region. This is going to be a pleasure to watch, two men with plenty of K1 experience duelling it out for the Rainton Crowd.

If you’re a fight fan, whether it be MMA or K1, come down to Rainton Meadows Arena Sunday July 27th and see some of the biggest names in North East MMA try their hand at full stand up – or come and see one of the biggest names in British K1 battle for the title.

Written by Craig Thomas Boyle

Full Fight Card


K1ngs Of Glory Title Fight
67kg Professional K1 Style Bout 3 x 5mins
Dragan Pesic Vs Reece Mcallister


73kg Professional K1 Style Bout: 3 x 3mins
Andre Winner Vs Colin Freakshow Fletcher

84kg Professional K1 Style Bout: 3 x 3mins
Bradley Conway Vs Duncan McLean

59kg Professional K1 Style Bout: 3 x 3mins
Javonne Morrison Vs Gary Laws

76kg Professional K1 Style Bout 3 x 3 mins
Ben Holdsworthy Vs Craig Shadforth

75kg Professional K1 Style Bout: 3 x 3mins
Dino Parente Vs Jamie Boom Boom Jones

68kg Professional K1 Style Bout: 3 x 3mins
Ben Goldsborough Vs Liam Coote

88kg Professional K1 Style Bout: 3 x 3mins
Andy Cona Vs Gary Head

——20 min Break Before Main Pro Card ——

94kg Amateur K1 Style Bout 3 x 2mins
Cal Hewitt Vs Brian Ashman

68kg Amateur K1 Style Bout 3 x 2mins
Pete Hymers Vs Michael Walton

62kg Amateur K1 Style Bout 3 x 2mins
James Setchell Vs Nathan Haywood

84kg Unlicensed Boxing Bout: 3 x 2mins
John Ferguson Vs David Baker

78kg Unlicensed Boxing Bout: 3 x 2mins
Kenny Creighton Vs Kyle Redfearn

75kg Unlicensed Boxing Bout: 3 x 2mins
Lee Solmon Vs Lloyd Potts

66kg Unlicensed Boxing Bout: 3 x 2mins
Karl Chisholm Vs Dalton Rush