Jiu Jitsu’s globetrotter: An interview with rising star Ellis Younger

Ellis Younger Globe Trotter

Ellis Younger is an 18 year old young man with a bright future. A BJJ phenom, Ellis has come out of nowhere to capture the BJJ British Open champion spot, as well as winning medals in prestigious competitions such as the Paris open and the NoGI British Open. The BJJ blue belt under Christian Graugart is a skilled, technical fighter who is both intelligent and highly talented.

Training BJJ for over a year and a half, Ellis has risen to prominence in the North East and is now well known throughout grappling circles. At just 18 years old, with a high standard of BJJ and a great attitude towards the sport, Ellis has a wealth of prospects to look forward to in the future. Sponsored by Addicted BJJ, I caught up with Ellis to discuss some of his thoughts on the future of BJJ and let our readers know a little bit more about him.

1. Hi Ellis, What do you think of the changing landscape of BJJ in the North East? It used to be primarily just an added skill to MMA but now there’s a rise in BJJ comps and BJJ only competitors.

Yeah man it’s great, even just since I started out I can see the change has been massive, I also started it to use as a tool in MMA but slowly got sucked into the BJJ route. I didn’t even know people trained in the gi a year and a half ago and now I train in the gi twice a day and there’s local BJJ competitions. It’s growing fast.

2. Do you have a favourite submission or technique?

Has to be a triangle with my long spidery legs for a submission and a technique would have to be the berimbolo haha, sorry.

3. As an intelligent young fighter, what do you think makes for a better competitor, talent or hard work?

I only really believe in hard work, people don’t see what work is put in not just on the mat but off the mat as well, some people may pick techniques up quicker than others etc and get good fast but no one will ever become a world champion replying on talent. I think talent is an overused word and people don’t get credit for the work they put in.

4. Do you have any plans to go into other sports or are you happy to stick with BJJ?

BJJ all the way!

5. I know you’ve travelled a lot to train abroad – any memorable experiences that stick out for people reading this to enjoy?

Too many! One of the most memorable experiences was in the birthplace of BJJ, Rio De Janeiro. When I was at a BBQ with BJJ legend Fernando Terere, that was awesome. A Brazilian BBQ around the pool sharing it with great people in a magnificent place.

6. As one of the most promising BJJ competitors in the North-East, what are your goals going forward in the sport?

Just keep moving forward, taking it day by day, trying to improve every single day and perform to the best of my ability at every belt level, if I work hard and surround myself with the right people, good things will happen. We’ll see where I end up.

7. What would you like to see as BJJ competitions continue to evolve, where would you like BJJ to be in say ten years time?

I would like to see more submission only competitions and prize money for competitors. In 10 years time I would like to see BJJ being a more recognized and professional sport, creating chances to make a living just from competing would be great, I think the rules need changing around a little and it could be made a spectator sport which is really all it needs to shoot off. It will be interesting to see it all pan out.

8. Thanks for answering my questions, is there anyone you’d like to thank?

No worries, I’d like to thank my sponsors, Addicted BJJ, Roll Supreme, If U Care Share, Natural Nutrients and BJJ Globetrotters!

Addicted BJJ are delighted to sponsor Ellis and wish him all the success in the future.