James Mulheron will keep working hard to aim for top

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Following his British heavyweight title victory at Made4TheCage 9: Night of Champions against Paul Taylor, James Mulheron insists he will keep giving his all to get to the top.

James Mulheron

The bout was stopped between the second and third rounds to bring him not only the championship but also preserve his unbeaten record and he is also looking at the big leagues.

“It is good to be unbeaten and it feels great to win the belt,” said the champion. “But I know I have just got to keep training hard to try and keep this up and continue this throughout the year.

“Of course, I am aiming for the UFC as everyone who does this is and hopefully I keep training with Phil De Fries and all of the guys from the Fight Pit and Sixth Sense then I think I can reach this goal.”

Those aforementioned gyms were given a lot of credit following the fight by Mulheron who says that “this wouldn’t have happened without them.”

A very vocal support cheered him on throughout the bout and he was thankful to them but also said that it was not a guarantee he would have went on to win the fight with ‘Titan’ if it had went to a decisive third round.

He said: “Every time that I fight, I have got a great support behind me and I can’t express how much it means to have people shouting for you.

“You never know [if I would have won], I hit him with some heavy shots and he kept coming forward in the first and second round and he is a hard fight for anyone.”

In the wake of the win, Mulheron was full of thanks to UFC star De Fries as well as everyone else who has helped him.

“I want to thank Phil [De Fries] because he has got me where I am and all of the guys from Sixth Sense and the Fight Pit as well as my family, friends and my girlfriend Melissa and Be Supreme, Combat Soap and Kingston Park’s Rooftop Bar.