Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers: “I don’t think I’ll ever silence the critics.”

By Ben Holden: @BenHoldenM4TC

Geordie Shore Star Aaron Chalmers moved to 3-0 in his young MMA career last Saturday with a TKO victory over Karl Donaldson at BAMMA33 in Newcastle.

‘The Joker’ was a big reason for the European MMA giant’s return to the North-East, which also saw local lad Ryan Scope capture the BAMMA World Lightweight Title.

Chalmers came out to a huge reception from the packed out Metro Radio Arena crowd before the fight, with Newcastle United anthem ‘Blaydon Races’ accompanying him on the walk-out, and the reality TV star seemed overwhelmed with the support after the fight stating: “It’s nice to come home. To have that kind of home support is literally amazing.

“Do you know what it is, obviously I used to go the match when I was younger and they were like ‘what song do you want?’ and it had to be that, I cannot describe how good that feeling was…not many fighters will fight in front of a crowd like that.“

Donaldson looked to have caught the home town favourite with a wild left hook early but Chalmers recovered well and landed a huge right hand, rocking his London-based opponent before finishing the fight via ground and pound.

It was the first time Chalmers had really been wobbled in a fight but seemed to know how his knockout would follow: “I feel like I lose my composure a little bit for ten seconds, I was just swinging then I could hear my corner saying ‘just sit back’.

“We’ve been working sitting back on the right hand when he was rushing in. We knew he was going to rush and he just fell straight onto it.

“What can I say? It’s another first round finish, I’ve been training hard I thought I was going to go into the deep second and thirds but like I’ve always said if I see an opening, I’m not hanging around in there. You don’t get paid overtime.”

There has been two huge camps on social media in regards to Chalmers; the first group believe the TV star is good for the sport as it brings exposure but the second feel he’s bringing the sport into disrepute by beating hand-picked fighters with poor records.

However, this is the third consecutive first round finish for Chalmers (2 knockouts and one submission), who is still very young in his career.

When asked if he thought the knockout would calm the criticism, Chalmers said: “I don’t think I’ll ever silence the critics, I think as long as I fight there’s always going to be critics but it spurs me on. The more people say I can’t do it, the more I keep proving them wrong.

“Obviously, people have trained a lot of years which obviously I understand but any wannabe fighter or fighter got offered the BAMMA contract what I got offered; no one, and I mean no one, would turn it down. So why would I?

“I’m not going to turn it down because it’s either them or me and obviously I’m going to look after number one. There’s probably hundreds of fighters in the UK that are better.

“Maybe not hundreds, but there’s a fair few who have got good amateur records but like I say tonight we put a good team together and I think I sold over 3000 tickets, which not other many fighters could do.”

The general consensus on social media is that people now want to see a rise in competition for Chalmers, who certainly isn’t shying away from the prospect.

When interview in the ring after his fight he appeared to call out Kevin ‘Baby Slice’ Ferguson Jr. Son of the controversial fighter known as ‘Kimbo Slice’, who tragically passed away in 2016.

Chalmers continued his request backstage: “The fight I want is Baby Slice, it’s the fight that makes sense, he’s a big name on Bellator because of his dad and I’m a big name on BAMMA because of Geordie Shore.

“Baby Slice, just stay fit. Next year, we are coming.“

While the criticism surrounding Chalmers is understandable, it had been nearly five years since BAMMA had visited Newcastle, with Cage Warriors last visiting in 2014 and the UFC hasn’t appeared on Tyneside since 2008.

Now, after the success of last weekend, the rumours are that potentially the Metro Radio Arena could be holding another two BAMMA cards in 2018 alone, helping to provide a much needed global platform to showcase North-East talent.

Adam Proctor and Ryan Scope are just two names who have already seen a greater level of exposure due to the attention Chalmers brings and there will hopefully be many more to come.