Fletcher responds to Bungard: “You can’t freak out the ‘Freakshow'”

By Jake Smith @JakeTheJourno

Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher had a stark warning for Chirs ‘Bad Guy’ Bungard ahead of their Made4thecage Lightweight title bout. “You can do what you like – you can’t freak out the ‘Freakshow’!”

The MMA veteran will be headlining Madethecage 25: Legacy, the second time he has topped a Made4thecage card this year and ‘Freakshow’ is looking forward to getting back in the cage at Rainton Meadows come September 2nd.

However, he is under no illusion that his opponent will be bringing a big following: “I grew up in that place when it was a sports centre. My dad used to manage it so it feels like home to me.

“You can’t be fan favourite when you’re fighting scottish people! They will always fetch an army, won’t they? So I will have to rally a few people just to make sure I still have that crowd.”

After a spell at Welterweight, North East MMA star will be returning to 155lb to battle for the Lightweight strap. He admits at the heavier weight, he didn’t feel right: “I had my best fights at Lightweight, I can make Lightweight and I am massive for a Lightweight but when I went back up to 77(KG) I just felt a little bit fat in all honesty.

“Then I am watching these lads cut from high 90’s to 77, whereas I was walking around at about 82 and I just felt like I was carrying a bit more weight than I needed to.

“As a Lightweight, to quote Conor McGregor, ‘I’m long, I’m rangey and big at the weight!’”

His opponent, Chris Bungard, told Made4thecage he sees the fight lasting but Fletcher is looking to get the job done early: “I want to stop him every second, of every minute, of every round. I’m a stopper and sometimes that puts me out of position but I am being a lot more smart these days and being a lot more careful and using my attributes.

“He can think what he wants, he can do what he wants, but if he thinks he has got me figured out and he is going to do something miraculous and has some kind of gameplan or forward plan he is thicker than he looks.

And as for Bungard’s prediction?

“Anyway, who says ‘I’m going to finish him quite late on in the fight’ it’s not very confident is it?”

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