EXCLUSIVE- Norm Russell: “Let’s look for a title next year!”

By Jake Smith @JakeTheJourno

Norm Russell (2-0-0) is looking for a M4TC UAR Middleweight title shot in 2018, as he continues to make strides in the amateur UK scene.

“Let’s look for a title next year!” He told Made4TheCage.co.uk

“I want more fights, as many fights as possible. I’m 31 and I haven’t got a load of time. I want to bash through my amateur career, I want to have a good amateur career and that’s the main thing.”

At Made4TheCage 26: Fight Night, Russell faced his toughest bout to date against The Lab’s Liam Haithwaite. Haithwaite came out strong in the first and took the fight to the M4TC Academy fighter.

He admitted: “I was in really deep waters in the first round. We got the takedown early on and then, to be honest, I was rocked. He hit me with some big shots on the floor but I survived.

“I worked on what we had been going for and I was looking for legs, looking for a kneebar, trying to get hold of his feet. He had my back for a long while and I survived that.”

After seeing his family in the crowd, Russell found a second wind. “The start of the second round, I looked over and seen them all there, I just knew I had to come out and win.

“When you are in those deep waters, that is who you are thinking of. I have got my Mam and my wife out there and I’m thinking of what they are thinking when I’m getting punched in the face on the floor.

“It makes a massive difference.”

Although Haithwaite is higher ranked in Jiu Jitsu, Norm’s self belief helped carry him to victory.

“He’s a purple belt and I am a blue belt (in Jiu Jitsu) so he probably thought he had the advantage on the floor but I knew he didn’t.

“We got to the second round and as he came in, I’ve been working on my guard and I’ve always had a good guillotine, I got it in.” Explained Russell.

“I knew if it went to the floor I was going to win.”

Russell is still in the early stages of his MMA career and is relishing every moment, he said: “I love every minute of it, I can’t get enough of it.

“I’m living the dream, even though I’m just an amateur! I’ve been a fan of the sport for so long, so just to be in the back room amongst all the fighters, I love it.”

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