Dragan Lands Interview – KOG

Dragan Pesic Face to Face with Reece Mcalister

Dragan Pesic is a long-time veteran of K1 and MMA, having competed for numerous promotions around the world in places like Egypt and Ghana. He takes on Reece McAllister in the inaugural K1ngs of Glory event this Sunday on the 27th of july at Rainton Meadows arena.

This fight promises to be an absolute war, with Pesic a game and experienced opponent for the talented McAllister. We caught up with Dragan to ask him how he felt about competing for the title belt.

1. How has training been going for this fight? Have you done anything differently? (We mentioned liking Dragan’s facebook video – where he shows an ultra-fast takedown he is going to use on McAllister in their standup bout.
Well, first place – thanks for liking my takedown video. I will try in second round to do that double leg so fast that no one will see it, not even a National Geographic slowmotion camera. As you all know I am stand up fighter and I didn’t do nothing special. Pushed more on my sparring with taller opponents since Recce is little bit taller.

I’ve done all I could, planned cardio, and pads as usual with my MMA Wonder Crew. I am blessed that I have people like Nemanja, Kopra, Stefan Zvijer around me and always at service for my hard core training.

But to be fair even if i am ready for this match this is last time I accepting fight without proper camp with my UK Team Ludus Magnus and my legend coach Neil “Old Skool“ Wain.

2. How do you feel about the k1 scene in the UK? Compared to MMA what do you think of it
To be fair with you about UK K-1 scene I can tell only the best! So many quality Muay Thai academies, quality fighters, legendary coaches like my friend Sandy Holt and others.

It is obvious that people are investing in talents and future of stand-up fighters. Many shows i can see growing fast. And Mr. Dale Percival has done a great job for matchmaking some great fighters for K1ngs of Glory show.

There is Enfusion, Smash Muay Thai…and many other quality shows. Even well known Glory often comes to the UK. This is just showing how K-1 is important for UK.

But MMA is on different level at moment. Everyone wants to be part of MMA. Even I after my succesful K-1 past i am feeling more challenge in MMA. But I am a stand-up fighter and will always prefer more to punch people in face than choke them.

Which sport do you prefer fighting in?
Like I said and as you know I grow my fight name in K-1 with some quality fights and some titles. I love stand up game, but I see at moment MMA more challenging. I take this fight at K1ngs of glory because I just wanted to feel again where I am after 5 years being great in ring and just average in cage. Feeling I can approve my skills in MMA and develop my kick boxing on higher level. So I decided few days ago I will fight in MMA as well as in K-1.

Whoever wants me on a show…I have to offer quality fight and pure violence.

3. You’re taking on Reece McAllister who is regarded as one of the top up and comers in the UK. What are your thoughts on Reece as an opponent?
About Reece I have 2 words: Awesome kid! I have watched his fights and analysed him and to be fair it will be the toughest K-1 challenge in my career. He is talented and not one of the but definitely top UK prospect. And even if I am half Greek I can tell you he won the match Vs Zambidis.

Watched his interviews and seems to be pretty nice lad. Hope we can grab some beer and have some friendly chat after I win this match He is poster boy and pretty face but this belt would look much more sexy on my shoulder.

4.You’ll be fighting near his hometown. How do you deal with fighting against the hometown favourite?
In my 21 K-1 matches not even once have I fought in front of my crowd. I’ve fought in Asia, Africa, Europe…and always showed some specific respect to place and people where I am fighting. For example in Egypt I had my hair coloured with Egyptian flag colours, in Ghana I was wearing traditional African Ghana shorts….and local people at some point just started to like me.

Same thing I am going to do in Sunderland. I can’t tell you what i am going to do it is surprise but people will love it for sure. Can tell you just that is some point I am waiting to hear crowd yelling my name not Reece’s.

It will be tough call fighting against crowd and Reece but I am an old experienced bastard willing to bleed for this K1ng of the Glory belt. And I am full of confidence and strength.

5. Thanks for your time. Do you have any words for fans or your opponent?
Thank you for questions. Would like to thanks to my sponsors Myprotein, Toprank Sport, Fit24 Wakefield, bjjshop.rs, and my team Ludus Magnus and Wonder Crew. Thanks to my fans and friends for huge support. Because of you folks i feel more confident. And for crowd in Sunderland…people do not miss K1ng of the Glory! Great fight card, and two crazy people in main event willing to kick and punch each other for your claps and shouts. Thank you all. Little Wonder.