Dominant De Fries wins in domestic return

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Phil De Fries made a triumphant return to domestic competition finishing Lukasz Parobiec by submission in the very first round.


Sunderland’s De Fries was fighting in his home region for the first time following a spell in the worlds biggest mixed martial arts company; The Ultimate Fighting Championship.

De Fries, who was walked out by Heavyweight Champion James Mulheron, came into the fight with a 10-4-0-1 record having competed twice in Japan since leaving the UFC. Parobiec came into the fight on a nine fight win streak.

De Fries quickly looked for the takedown and slammed Parobiec down to the canvas after 10 seconds. The Polish fighter didn’t look like he could handle the 265 pound De Fries on the canvas and the Sunderland fighter slammed down multiple elbows from half-guard.

De Fries showed his dominant grappling ability all the way through the contest and quickly moved to take Parobiec’s back, which he did with ease looking to finish the fight quickly.

Once De Fries had the back mount locked in there was very little doubt of the outcome, he quickly locked in a Rear Naked Choke and the tough Polish fighter was made to tap out.

Parobiec’s nine fight win streak may have been ended but it was a valiant performance from the European who was simply outmatched by the sheer size of De Fries.