Daz Wardle pumped to finally step in with Enzo Parente

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Sunderland's Daz Wardle makes his Made4TheCage return at Night of Champions next month where he meets Enzo Parente in a fight he cannot wait for.

darranwardleThe two were scheduled to meet last October before Parente (2-5) had to pull out and Wardle has a secret weapon he is planning on using when they step in to the cage on February 16th.

“We are going to feel each other out and then I am going to pull my secret crush dust out of shorts to blind him and then catch him with a sneaky left hook to win,” he joked.

“Seriously though, this is MMA and anything can happen so all we can do is hope but I am really excited about fighting on this card. Made4TheCage have done it again and it is going to be an awesome fight and show.”

Wardle (3-2) is on an excellent two fight win streak at the moment having picked up a first round win at short notice against Steven Fenwick after Garry Innes pulled out thanks to a choke and then in October came up against Brad Austin, who was taking the place of Parente, and despite being a formidable opponent with a few big KO wins, Wardle again finished early with an armbar after 1:10 of the opening round.

Training has gone well once more for this fight and the middleweight is high on confidence going into this one.

“My camp so far for this fight has been great,” he said. “Fighters are not normally 100% when training but I have had luck on my side so far and I already had my game plan in place for Enzo from last year so it is just about picking up where I left off.

“I am always confident before a fight and it is no different for this one. If I ever doubted myself, I shouldn’t be fighting.”

It is also helps that in his training camp, he is surrounded by people who already have a good insight into Parente’s style.

He continued: “I train with a couple of guys who have fought Enzo like Rob Mills so I am able to work on certain things. He is a striker but looks like he has worked a lot on his ground game as he has won by submission but aside from that he is just another dude in my way.”

Daz was also quick to finish by praising everyone who has helped him ahead of this bout for all they have done such as everyone at the Fight Pit and Unity Gym including Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher, Alex Enlund, Tommy Quinn, Andrew Fisher, Ryan Roddy, Phil De Fries, Curt Warburton, James Mulheron, Chris Scott, Davey Grant, Rob Mills, Steve Watson, James Neash, Nick Hands, Andrew Punshon, Darren Straughan, Cookie, Ryan Scope and Chris Douglas as well as his sponsors Made4Fighters and Smuggling Duds.