Davie ‘Boom Boom’ Bowmer talks career and 2013

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

We caught up with The Dungeon Fighter Davie Bowmer at Made4TheCage 9: Night of Champions and got a chance to get a few words about his career so far and what he will be aiming for in the future.

davie bowmer

Boom Boom just came up short in his last fight at M4TC7 against Jonny Ohikere when he suffered two broken ribs during the fight but he promises to come back strong.

Davie said: “I’ve been working in the gym on my punches and just putting my whole game together and I can’t wait to come back and put on a show.”

The Semi Pro credits The Dungeon for changing his life and giving him a career path that he loves.

He said: “we have a brilliant set of lads, it’s not like other gyms where some people can go there and feel uncomfortable we have amazing coaches and we welcome everyone.

Aaron changed my life, I was going down the wrong path in life I was smoking dope and doing things I shouldn’t if it wasn’t for Aaron and MMA I think I probably would be in jail right now.”

For educated MMA fans and people that are around the sport it’s no surprise when fighters say the sport has changed their life because it gives the athletes something to be proud of.

The North East fighter carried on: “I’ve now got a little girl and a lovely fiancé and a great family supporting me and backing me up.”

The 20-year-old commented on how people’s misconception of MMA is a problem and that MMA has a reputation for street brawlers which needs to be changed.

Davie continued: “people think MMA is all street fighting but Aaron wouldn’t stand for that we work hard and we don’t want to give the gym a bad name, we all respect the sport and each other.”

Looking forward to 2013 the young fighter has a wealth of experience behind him, with a handful of titles and cage experience, so we wanted to know what is next for Boom Boom…

He said: “I want to come back strong and I want another title, I am going to turn pro soon and improve my game.

I love using elbows so the rule change will be a good thing for me but I am only 20 I’m not rushing anything, Aaron tells me what to do and I listen to him.”

Thanks to Davie for taking the time to talk to us and good luck in your next fight.