Danny Welsh: ‘I like to fight that’s it’

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Danny ‘Wolverine’ Welsh (12-26) will face Paul Cook (10-2) in an intriguing Pro Lightweight battle, which is billed as the Co-Main Event at Made4TheCage 8: Impact on Sunday 16<sup>th</sup> December at Rainton Meadows Arena.

The 25 year-old is no slouch in the octagon, Welsh has fought some of the brightest prospects in British MMA, including Jonathan Bilton, Andrew Fisher, and UFC Ultimate Fighter veteran Aaron Wilkinson as well as current Ultimate Fighter contestant Brendan Loughnane.

But more recently, Welsh fought Davy Grant at Made4TheCage 7 for the bantamweight title. After a stiff jab he floored Grant but was unable to work for the finish and was caught in a rear naked choke in the first round.

Welsh said: “records are for playing music haha. I have fought just about every great prospect in the UK and most of the time it has been out of my weight class so my record isn’t really a good reflection on me as a fighter.”

‘Wolverine’, who trains out of Job Squad in Leeds, will look to keep the fight standing but past opponents have one thing in mind, which is to take him out of his comfort zone and put his back to the mat.

Welsh said: “I think people know the best option to win, I am a striker, and not many people will risk standing in-front of me.”

When asked about his training camp, he said: “the weight cut has been no problem. I am a natural bantamweight and only walk around at 66kg. The fight with Paul is at 70kg so cutting hasn’t been an issue.

Most of my fights are on short notice as is this one, so I don’t train specifically for each opponent.”

An MMA veteran at just 25 years-old, Welsh has accomplished a lot and has had reams of octagon-time, but he doesn’t regard MMA as a career.

He said: “I don’t see this as a career, I like to fight that’s it. This is just another day in the office, win or lose I enjoy myself and go home to my wife and children a happy man.”