Colin Fletcher Interview – KOG

Colin Fletcher Vs Andrew Winner

Sunday the 27thof July sees K1ngs of Glory make it's debut. A k1 show from the minds of Dale Percival and Steven Scott, the event promises to bring the big production values of Made4thecage to the k1 world. A veteran of North-East MMA, Colin 'Freakshow' Fletcher will be lacing up his gloves and abandoning takedowns to fight another long-time UK MMA standout in Andre Winner.

Both men are fantastic stand-up technicians and this looks to be a barn-burner of a fight. I caught up with Colin to get his opinion on the fight.

1. Hi Colin, you’re usually involved in MMA but this is your first k1 bout. First and foremost, what made you want to make the leap to k1?
Yeah its something I’ve wanted to do for years really I love the idea of just going hard at it for 3 × 3 mins with out worrying about wrestling or ground work I think it ll be loads of fun.

2.How has training been going for this fight? Anything you’ve done differently to training for an MMA bout?
No not really I kind of train like I was having an MMA fight for 9 weeks 6- 8 hours 6 days a week and running 6 miles every other day, but for the last 3 weeks I’ve swapped my MMA wrestling and rolling sessions for Thai ones to keep the job right. 

3. You’re taking on Andre Winner who has good technical stand-up, how do you see the fight playing out?
I don’t know really. I know Andre has wicked stand up so I’m expecting a real hard fight we both in the same kind of boat so we’re both gonna really want to make an impact.

I see him as a super tough guy with a lot of fight experience but to be honest that really excites me, I like to think there’s a real chance of me losing. It makes me want to prove myself wrong and helps me push harder in the gym and ultimately in the fight

4.Do you have any future plans in K1 or is this a one-time appearance?
Yeah I’d love to but I’m playing it by ear if its what people want to see I’m in!

5. Have you had any difficulties adapting to K1, or any tendencies/habits from MMA that you’ve found hard to break?
No not really I do loads of Thai boxing and to be fair my submissions in MMA have been from people who’ve been trying to take me to the ground. I’m happy to stand and trade blow for blow even when it sometimes make more sense not to.

6. Do you find removing take-downs and ground-fighting a help or hindrance?

I’m not sure yet I suppose time will tell  

7. You’re known for your unorthodox style, what ‘freaky’ techniques can we expect from you in your first K1 fight?
Heheheheee all kinds of freaky-ness I can’t help myself really. I’d love to be able to be specific but most of the time I dont’ even know what I’m gonna do myself

8. Finally, do you have any words for your opponent?
Good luck brother – lets make people glad they bought a ticket 🙂