Cancer Survivor Jamie Stephenson set for MMA return at M4TC25: Legacy!

By Jake Smith @JakeTheJourno

Made4TheCage are delighted to announce Jamie Stephenson (3-2-0) will return to the cage in September at the promotion’s 25th show: Legacy, his first fight back since recovering from Cancer in 2015.

The Bishop Auckland fighter last competed in May 2014 and it was around this time he started having breathing problems. “I seemed more out of breath and I was wheezing when I was breathing. I self diagnosed myself with asthma.

“I went to see my doctor in the December and was given some breathing tests and immediately she knew there was something wrong. She sent me for an x-ray and it came back with a large mass in my chest, 22cm in size!”

In February 2015, Stephenson was diagnosed with Stage 2b Hogskins Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 23.17.44

  An x-ray of the tumour that was found in Jamie’s chest

“With being so fit i had no symptoms whatsoever apart from my breathing which was only caused by the tumour growing into my windpipe!

“I started intense chemotherapy straight away. I was on chemo solid for 7 months. It was rough, from vomiting, to briefly losing the use of my legs due, to nerve damage, to sometimes thinking I might die.”

After completing his treatment, Jamie was sent for tests which revealed the tumour had shrunk dramatically and he was given the all clear in September 2015. “It was the best phone call ever, I still remember the day now!”

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 23.26.09 Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 23.26.18

Jamie’s last day of treatment (left) to June 2017 (right)

The 29-year-old explained how remaining positive throughout the treatment helped him cope: “Being told you have cancer is out of anyone’s reach. There’s nothing anyone can do but be positive, do things that make you happy and put up the good fight. I am a big believer in positive mental attitude, and with this, and positive people by your side, you can conquer anything.”

After being given the all clear, Stephenson had a further setback after needing surgery on his ACL. “I wanted to get back into training straight away but I had to have ACL surgery as soon as i finished my chemotherapy.

“So me getting back into training really started with my ACL rehab and then was eventually built up to full MMA.”

We are ecstatic to have Jamie fighting again and he too, is relishing the opportunity.
“I am just so happy to be able to compete again and put my new self to the test. Being harsh, but i have never been fully happy with any of my previous fights.

“I believe the old me didn’t have any fear of fighting. But I was so competitive, I had a fear of losing.

“My new outlook on life shows me there is so much more to life than simple things like this. Going through what I have been through, it will take more than a man with 2 arms and 2 legs at the other side of a cage to beat me!

Tickets for the event can be found through the fighters themselves or through Co-Promoter Dale Percival, who is available on 07972612384. All money Jamie makes from this, or any future fights will be donated to local cancer charities.

Welcome back, Jamie!

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