Andy Bennett vs Grant Hocking: Old School vs New School

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Andy Bennett (1-0) will face Grant Hocking (3-3) at Made4TheCage 8:Impact on Sunday 16<sup>th</sup> December in a light-heavy weight pro fight.

This could be a case of old school vs new school MMA on Sunday night between two strikers that will bring it when the cage door closes.

Bennett said: “I have done as much research as possible on Grant, he’s old school, he has been in MMA a lot longer than me, for that I have much respect for him.

I feel it’s going to be an outstanding fight as we both look like strikers, but I have been working hard on my ground game too, just in case.”

Hocking has been a veteran of the sport for a long time and has faced some of the country’s top-talent, such as UFC prospect and Northeast fighter, Phil De Fries back in 2010 but lost via rear naked choke in round one.

But Bennett is as motivated for this fight more than ever, he said: “I am extremely motivated for this fight, every morning I wake up and it is the first thing on my mind, get up and train.

I believe the fight is won or lost in the gym, weeks, months and years before the cage door shuts.”

With the rapid-rise of the Northeast’s biggest MMA promotion, fans and fighters alike are pleased to be part of the movement.

Bennett said: “I’m genuinely excited to be performing on one of the fastest growing shows in the UK. It’s a substantial opportunity for me, and I am going to dive in all guns blazing”