‘Almighty’ Allen scores second round stoppage over local favouriite Paul Cook

Image of cage fence, Made4TheCage

Late replacement Arnold ‘Almighty’ Allen continued his impressive young career with a second round stoppage over the North-East’s Paul Cook at Made 4 the Cage 15.

Arnold Allen came into the fight with an impressive 8-1-0 record while local boy Paul Cook boasted a 14-5-0 record.

Allen came out with a wild haymaker but Cook avoided it with ease and went for the take down early, landing him in a dominant half guard position.

The 20-year-old prospect quickly got back to his feet and utilised his judo to trip Cook to the ground. However, Cook showed his impressive Jiu-jitsu and executed a brilliant sweep to gain a dominant positon over his younger opponent.

Both fighters showed their technical ability again with Allen again getting another takedown but Cook swiftly reversing and moving to a dominant position against the cage. Gaining a back mount in the process.

Cook may have been his own worst enemy in the first round, affording Allen the chance to recover after a misplaced knee to the groin when the local fighter was in dominant position against the cage.

Then came the controversy as Allen appeared to knee cook in the face on the floor following a frantic exchange which knocked Cook down to the canvas.

The referee didn’t take a point off the Ipswich fighter when many thought he should have, however, Allen pleaded he hit the fighter in the chest with the strike and was let off with a warning.

A flamboyant young fighter, Allen quickly shook off the drama and unloaded some ferocious strikes to start the second round. Cook quickly answered with some punches of his own as ‘Cookie’ demonstrated his well-known ability for absorbing punches.

Cook looked to tire following the exchange and Allen quickly took advantage taking down Cook and cutting him with some vicious elbows before mounting him.

Allen looked to stop the fight after that, raining shot after shot from the back mount position but the clock saved Cook.

That was sadly the end of the action after Cook couldn’t come out in the third due to severe injury. Allen won the bout and the title in another impressive performance.